LEOs defend letting kids hold SWAT guns at education event.

Photos of officers from the Santa Rosa Police Department letting…

Photos of officers from the Santa Rosa Police Department letting kids handle the department’s SWAT team weaponry at a community event has sparked a debate over how much exposure to guns is healthy for kids.

Community organizer Attila Nagy, who took the photos, told FoxNews.com that he was concerned it might encourage kids to use guns in the future.

But the police department is pushing back, saying they see nothing wrong with how they handled the event.

“The weapons are rendered safe and are unloaded. We ensure the safety of those weapons,” Santa Rosa Police Capt. Gary Negri told FoxNews.com, adding that the police attend the event to build ties between the police and the community.

“Our goal is saying to people, ‘hey, don’t be intimidated by the police.’ We want to break down that barrier… Once these events are over, people will be more comfortable having conversations with officers.”

Source: Maxim Lott for Fox News.

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  • cc19

    Hilarious. These are the same people who think we should rely on police for everything, “because they’re experts,” but when, “the experts,” teach children about guns, they freak out. The hypocrisy is astounding.

  • Jay C.

    Thank you to this SWAT team! Having the Police educate kids about firearms and firearm safety is far better than their unruly peers with ill intentions influence them. And yes they may grow up aspiring to use these tools for the right use (to save a life) from a law-breaking criminal.

  • Andre’ M. Dall’au

    Even before guns, like in feudal Japan, the privileged few allowed to own weapons used that power with little fear from the unarmed citizens. When a Samurai wanted to test the strength and sharpness of a new Katana he simply went into the street and sliced some unarmed passerby into pieces and then walked away to haggle over the price!

    The result was a totally cowed and powerless population totally dominated by whomever was in charge. America does not have that problem because our founding fathers saw to that our right to bear arms was clearly and indisputably made a RIGHT for all citizens. Even so, we are faced with politicians who try to misread the very clear words and blur the intent of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. They can’t get the courts to agree so they try the next step of making guns socially unacceptable – starting with our children.

    Having LEO’s with weapons goes against this as it demonstrates that firearms are useful to stop illegal acts, catch bad guys and keep people safe. I guess that kids would eventually realize that if the cops and military have these tools for protection – why can’t I own and use them as well? Whoa – that is totally unacceptable for liberals that want to keep guns as evil instruments.

  • Jeff

    “Community organizer Attila Nagy, who took the photos, told FoxNews.com that he was concerned it might encourage kids to use guns in the future.”

    …SWAT inspiring the next generation, I see nothing wrong. Mr Nagy misses the point that when LEOs promote firearm exposure, aside the from the general awareness that some will never acknowledge, even if it encourages kids to use guns, its really encouraging them to grow up to become LEO and use guns serving their community. This is actually the most idealic for the more liberally leaning.

  • General Jim M

    There is NOTHING WRONG about mixing kids and guns as long as they are taught to respect weapons and are instructed on firearms safety and use.Kids and guns ARE NOT APPROPRIATE if you want to have a slave society where only the warrior classes,controlled by the political elites,have guns and are knowledgeable of their use.In Medieval Europe a knight was considered to be the equivalent,in battle,to ten serfs.Kids are America’s future adults,upon which the future of the Republic rests.Keep guns from kids,from teenagers,from young adults,from adults and soon no one will be free.

  • Andre’ M. Dall’au

    Actually this provides proof positive that anti-gun activists in general (and California in particular) are using “sensible gun control” as a ruse because it is obvious that they want ALL firearms gone.

    Yes, heaven help us if a child touches an inert firearm held by a knowledgeable LEO. The youth might ask a question that leads to another, then another and would soon learn enough real information to doubt the anti-gun propaganda, and whole liberal agenda that they have been fed as the gospel truth. Yes, I would not want that risk either if I was a Progressive teacher bent on indoctrinating, not teaching their impressionable students.

    Actually this is nothing more than censorship of the worst kind (something I think is protected by some document signed by a bunch of avid gun-owners a few generations ago.)

    This is an example of why the entrenched liberals and Progressives need to be removed from our government and schools to prevent them from quietly subverting our way of life starting with our own kids. 2012 is going to be interesting.

  • Jman

    Oh no don’t let the kids want to shoot guns in the future! How could this be, First they will shoot for fun when shown properly how. Then they will learn all about how firearms are made, what they can do and why it is our right to have them. Then they will be responsible citizens upholding the law protecting there families and maybe just maybe protecting your neighborhood by being a police officer or how about protecting our country by being a soldier, no please, don’t show our kids any guns this freedom can not be passed down… A Big bull…t California get real and please stop trying to enforce your ignorant, scared politics, because you can’t understand it. Stop trying to push your attitude on other’s who just might be the ones protecting you because they learned about our 2nd admendments right and got to shoot a gun.

  • Todd D

    Ben, you are so right.

  • Holding a fire arm in the presents of a trained pro is far safer than the car ride that they took to get there.