Lie detector book brings quick end to job interview with WA State Patrol.

The application process for a man applying for a job…

The application process for a man applying for a job with the State Patrol came to an abrupt end because of the reading material he left in plain view inside his car.

Officials said the man was at State Patrol Headquarters on October 6 being interviewed for a civilian management job when a State Patrol employee saw a book titled “How to Beat the Lie Detector” on a seat in the car parked next to hers.

“I was just shocked,” said Heather Anderson.

The job candidate was inside the office undergoing a polygraph exam at the time, and officials said they determined that the car and book were his.

“They gave him an opportunity to let them know if he’d looked at some research materials or not and he apparently said no,” Anderson said.

That quickly put an end to the interview process, and the man was told he would no longer be considered for the job.

“We’re hiring at a time when we know many good people are unemployed,” State Patrol Chief John R. Batiste said in a statement. The employee’s “sharp eye helped make sure our jobs are going to people with honor and integrity.”

Source: KOMO News.

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