Like NYPD, Indianapolis cops who fire duty weapon may face breath tests.

Indianapolis metropolitan police officers who fire their weapons -- on…

Indianapolis metropolitan police officers who fire their weapons — on or off duty — could be required to take alcohol breath tests under a proposed zero-tolerance policy.

If it is approved, Indianapolis would be the only police department outside New York City to give breath tests to all officers who fire their guns.

“It is something we are considering, and if we do it, we will do it carefully and do it right,” Public Safety Director Frank Straub said.

Fraternal Order of Police President Bill Owensby said he had no objection to the firearms policy “on its face” but said he needed to research it more to make sure it didn’t violate any terms of the union contract.

“I would hope that a cop who fires his weapon is sober,” Owensby said.

Only New York gives breath tests in all cases of a firearms discharge by police, said Bill Johnson, executive director of the National Association of Police Organizations.

“I don’t know of any (others) that do it solely because an officer fired off a firearm,” he said.

The New York department also will give a breath test to an officer if he or she shows signs of intoxication or “someone says they saw him in a bar for two hours,” Johnson said, but not across the board in any circumstance.

Source: John Tuohy for Courier-Journal.

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