Lincoln, NC SWAT team trains with Marines special unit.

Image: Lincoln Times-News All 15 members of the Lincoln County…

Image: Lincoln Times-News

All 15 members of the Lincoln County SWAT team, including 14 deputies and one tactical officer with Emergency Medical Services, recently joined with three other state law enforcement agencies in enduring an intense, five-day tactical training session alongside the Marine’s Special Response Team (SRT) at Camp Lejeune.

“It was the best free training we could receive anywhere,” Sheriff David Carpenter told the Times-News. “They trained from the best.”

It was the first time the team participated in the out-of-town bonding experience, both gaining experience from other units and offering their own tactical tips throughout the week.

Read the rest of Jenna-Ley Harrison’s report at Lincoln Times-News.

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  • Matt in Oklahoma

    Cross training between departments or units or both should always be encouraged. The ideas flow, the missions are compared and the grey matter upstairs starts turnng and usually training takes a more serious tone when you are in front of others.