Loaded guns in checked bags aren’t on TSA’s radar.

At first, the incident appeared to a be a breakdown…

At first, the incident appeared to a be a breakdown of LAX’s extensive weapons detection system.

But Transportation Security Administration officials said they are not required to screen for loaded weapons in checked luggage, only in carry-on luggage. TSA spokesman Nico Melendez said the duffel bag in question went through an explosives scanner, as do all checked bags. It did not generate an alert.

“It may be an issue for some agency or the airline, but it’s not a TSA issue. Our mandate is to screen baggage for explosives,” he said.

Another TSA official, Kristin Lee, said weapons stored in checked luggage don’t pose the same threat as weapons in carry-on luggage because they are not within reach of passengers in flight.

Source: Abby Sewell for the Los Angeles Times.

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