Loaded Weapons Found In Reach Of SF Children; Parolee Arrested

A man was arrested in San Francisco’s Bayview District last…

A man was arrested in San Francisco’s Bayview District last Saturday after police found several loaded weapons in his home where three children live.

Police detained Daron Raynaldo, 21, of San Francisco, after he exited his home in the 700 block of Missouri Street with his girlfriend and three children, according to police.

Officers searched Raynaldo’s home and found a MAC-10 assault weapon, a 9mm semi-automatic handgun and a .22-caliber rifle with a cut off stock, police said.

All of the weapons were loaded and within arm’s reach of all of the children, according to police.

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  • Steve in Oklahoma

    Jman….it could be any one of those people…but this is SF, so it was most likely the kids that turned in their parents.

  • Jman

    better yet who was the rat the gave him in?? Really a mac 10 assault weapon? who comes up with that sh.t.. no matter what the reason for him having guns period… the question should be how did they find out? who told them about those guns for them to meet him at the door? Punk a.s neighbors?, friends?, Enemys?, or just his live in girlfriend?.. who did this, who is responsible for the cops coming in? man.. Can’t trust anybody these day’s “just saying” or was he really a threat??? do tell!

  • Chortles

    The weapons could have been unsecured, i.e. not inside a locked weapon safe; the article only cites his charges as “multiple weapons offenses, a parole violation and child endangerment” so details are unclear.

  • Flips

    So wait…all of the weapons were in arms reach of the kids after they exited the home? Wierd…