Locals pressure Wisconsin store owner over decision to disallow concealed carry.

A Wisconsin jewelry store owner is under fire from customers…

A Wisconsin jewelry store owner is under fire from customers for opting out of the state’s recently-passed concealed carry law.

Bret Eulberg, owner of Robert Haack Diamonds in Greenfield, Wis., says he has been getting angry messages threatening a boycott of the store. The new law allows residents to carry concealed firearms in public, but business owners still have a say whether or not they want to observe the law in their stores.

“We’re getting phone calls saying we’re not going to come to your store supporting you because you’re against gun rights,” Eulberg told Fox6Now.com. “We’re not against gun rights. My contention is if a bad guy is in my store and you’re a good Samaritan in my store and you see the bad guy whipping out the gun, we already have security procedures in place to protect ourselves.”

Source: Fox News.

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  • Don

    As the owner of a private business the man has every right to decide who or what he allows in his store. As a consumer who carry’s concealed I also have the right to not go where my money is not wanted. Who thinks that threatening the man over his personal decision is the proper way to influence his opinion?

  • Is the owner gonna take PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR MY SAFETY and pay my expences or pay my family in case I get killed while in his gun free shop? BTW, the crackheads that can still remember how to read just found themselves their next target.

  • Des

    Anyone who thinks that the business owner doesnt have that right…is an idiot. if he puts up a sign banning firearms,and you wanna be a baby..go somewhere else then. just because people gain rights,doesnt mean it takes other rights away.

  • someone

    Dear store owner,

    I would like you to not have your gun holstered while working as this will make it harder for me to take your diamonds. Its so hard to make a living being an repeat felon. Iam going to have to have my thug friends and liberals to protest your store. Please comply asap I don’t wanna have to get a real job and pay taxes.


  • Jeff

    Its their choice. As much as you’re free to pursue a license and carry a concealed weapon, they have as much freedom and right not to do business with you. Beyond an individual choosing not to go to this store, it is as wrong to insist he do business with or for people he’s chosen not to as it is someone insisting we abolish a right to arms. At the end of the day his business is liable for the reasonable safety of its patrons; so he stakes his livelyhood on this choice, one way or the other.

  • No CHL’s Allowed then ….ADIOS!

  • Anthony I.

    They may have security procedures in place to protect themselves but what about their customers? Unless they have Devgru on call in the back room I will trust myself to protect myself.