Lockheed’s F-35 stealth jet may win Japan deal.

Image: Tosaka Lockheed Martin Corp. (LMT), the world’s largest defense…

Image: Tosaka

Lockheed Martin Corp. (LMT), the world’s largest defense company, is counting on stealth technology to beat Boeing Co. (BA) and Eurofighter GmbH in a Japanese fighter contest that may be worth more than $4 billion.

‘Stealth capabilities are clearly an area of focus for the Japanese,’’ Caffrey said. “It’s a key advantage for the F-35 over the rest of the competition.”

Japan will accept bids this month to supply about 40 fighters as it bolsters air defenses to counter military developments in China and North Korea. The contest comes as Lockheed sheds jobs because of projected cuts in U.S. defense spending, which may include a reduction in F-35 orders, and after the Bethesda, Maryland-based company missed out on an $11 billion Indian order for fighters this year.

Source: Chris Cooper, Sabine Pirone and Kiyotaka Matsuda for Bloomberg.

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  • Jeff

    I don’t think most anyone who calls it crap know enough to make that call and those that do just want F22s. Even if you ignore its stealth capabilities, it has superior maneuverability to an F15. Does it cost more?-Yes, but whether you believe $120-$155M price tag for the F35, compare that to a $100M for an F15. Is a F35A’s stealth capability, even if limited relative to the F22 worth 1/5th an F15?-I think so. In fairness, I think there is room enough in the US airfleet, regardless of branch, for more aircraft with more varied capabilities. This is just one type.

  • Gregory

    Well, with the Japanese purchase of the 40 inferior aircraft, it will mean our enemies will have 40 less missiles to shoot down our soon to be new, inferior F-35 fighters. Let us sell many around the world so that they will be easy targets to exhaust all of our enemy’s missile supplies.
    I have the solution to our problems. The government should buy each citizen copies of language learning programs so we can learn the language of our enemies. After we are defeated, those remaining alive can assimilate better into the new society established by the occupying regime.

  • Dieselpusher

    Aircraft is a piece of crap. DOD needs to cancel it and move on.