London government cracks down on knife carry

LONDON– Knife stabbings are on the rise in London, causing…

LONDON– Knife stabbings are on the rise in London, causing the Metropolitan Police to make knife crime their top priority, along with terrorism.  In addition to law enforcement focus, Prime Minister Gordon Brown announced Monday his plan to make knife carry “completely unacceptable” by mandating automatic prosecution for anyone over the age of 16 caught with a knife and doubling the maximum sentence for knife possession to four years.  For more information on this, click here and return back to comment.

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  • So if it is the juveniles that are comitting the crimes why is everyone over the age of 16 going to go to jail for posessing a knife? I never have agreed with any of the laws that the Brits have concerning firearms and now knives. Myself a knife has always been a handy tool. The ability to cut something, and yes I have always chosen a large knife so that I could defend myself if I had to. In my younger days of going to bars and drinking I got into a few scuffles sometimes even had multiple assailants attack me. It did not dawn on me to pull my knife and cut someone, I suppose if I thought I were about to be killed that may have changed. It seems in the society we live in today governments blame the weapons for the violence on the streets. I say give the parents back the right to administer corporal punishment when needed. These kids grow up with no negative input for doing wrong and then when they are 18 find themselves in a world where when they loose their temper or do something wrong its time to go to jail. They have not been given a proper upbringing to understand when you do something wrong there is a negative impact upon ones self. Police can’t be everywhere to protect us. Governments like the populace to believe we are safe because of them and therefore we have no need of weapons. The constitution gives the American citizens the right to bear arms because of our govenment. The original forefathers were running from the tyrannical government they lived under, not a foreign invader. We have the right to bear arms so that if our govenment needs to be violently overthrown such as they fail to represent us, repress us, no longer listen to what the people want we can change it if voting is no longer an option. Weapons ultimately have been granted to the people by our constitution to keep our govenment straight when it no longer works for us it must go. Just look around and check out all the governments that are supposed to represent the people that are only serving their (the governments) own purposes. In the United States today due to bipartisan politics we are creating a police state, the liberal Democrats keep doing everything to take the peoples weapons away. The conservative Republicans keep making new laws and putting more police on the streets to enforce them. There needs to be a happy median, most Americans don’t care what a woman does with her body, and most Americans don’t care if law abiding citizens have or carry/posess firearms. The people who have their own agenda that have the financial power and media to make a differance need to put their differances aside, a house divided cannot stand. Although these people may feel very strongly about their stands on how they feel they are only hurting the American people. Then again I’m sure in the capitalistic society we live in those people with that kind of power want to have all the power and take it away from the “common people” as we can’t possibly know how to govern ourselves and don’t know whats best for us.