Los Angeles gun buyback program collects 600 firearms in first hour.

KTLA The fourth annual gun buyback program was held Saturday…


The fourth annual gun buyback program was held Saturday at six locations throughout Los Angeles. More than 600 weapons were turned in during just the first hour, according to LAPD Lt. Andy Neiman.

In exchange, they receive a Ralph’s or Visa per-paid card for varying amounts depending on the gun type — up to $200 for assault weapons and up to $100 for handguns, rifles and shotguns.

Since the program was launched, over 6,200 guns have been taken off the street and gun violence has been reduced 20 percent, Beck said.

Source: KTLA

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  • CrusaderKnight

    Hey Jose, i heard that the LAPD is gonna have another gun buyback program.Well Manuel, looks like we better hit a few more homes to get cash from the cops.No questions asked.We steal guns,take stolen guns to the cops,they pay us! No questions asked! Only in America.Loco gringos,eh ese?

  • Wow an AT4..total deception by the LAPD

    What a joke…no wonder CA is sinking….

  • Freddie Mac

    God I hate living in this state. “Getting guns off the street”…half of what they have on the table has been sitting in Grandma’s closet for the last 20 years. Give me a break.

  • Fred

    Beck is a liar.

    The people who turned in their guns are fools.

  • Jman

    Were they really Assault weapons or ones that looked like them??? I was born and raised in California and I have aways loved my gun rights but California has ruined it completely. I really don’t know what they are thinking sometimes but If I remember correctly just having an assault rifle in California if not registered by the year 2000 is a federal offense? Then if so why are they not arresting those people? Umm Again not right something smells really fishy… Stupid California Laws…. Just Saying… oh yeah like jeff said a rocket launcher!!!! Really were is your 200.00 tax stamp you don’t have one then to prision you will go….. Back asswards California..

  • Jeff

    If you get $200 for an “assault weapon” what did that rocket launcher get someone?