Loveland, Colorado police settle open-carry lawsuit with law abiding man.

A 2008 incident in which police disarmed a man walking…

A 2008 incident in which police disarmed a man walking in a Loveland park, resulting in a civil rights lawsuit against the city, has been settled for $15,000.

Bill Miller sued in 2010 after police responded in 2008 to a report of a man at South Shore Scenic Park carrying an openly displayed handgun around his waistband. According to a news release, officers made consensual contact with Miller to determine if he had any intention of harming himself or someone else with the weapon.

Citing the safety of the citizens in the park, Miller and police, the release said officers disarmed Miller and unloaded his pistol and returned the gun and ammunition to him after determining he was not a danger.

According to police, the city’s motivation for settling “for a nominal amount” is to avoid the cost of ongoing litigation.

Police Chief Luke Hecker said he supports the actions of the involved officers and believes they acted exactly as they should have.

“I think they acted professionally and responsibly to see if he was suicidal or homicidal,” looking after the safety of Miller, others in the park and the police. “The officers did what reasonable people would expect them to do.”


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