Lowell Police Christmas surprise
Lowell Police Surprise Drivers with Christmas Gifts Instead of TicketsVIDEO: Lowell Police Surprises Drivers with Christmas Gifts Instead of Tickets

VIDEO: Lowell Police Surprise Pulled Over Drivers with Christmas Gifts

Michigan's Lowell Police Department decided to give motorists a big surprise after getting pulled over in the spirit of the Christmas season.

The Michigan-based Lowell Police Department decided to do something nice for the residents it watches over this holiday season.

Knowing that nobody likes being pulled over and getting a ticket, the Lowell PD had officer Scot VanSolkema wear a body camera and talk to the people he had pulled over. The conversations were focused on what they wanted for Christmas and what their kids wanted.

On top of being recorded, the conversations were also being listened to by a team waiting at a nearby store. The team quickly purchased and wrapped the gifts, and then drove them over to VanSolkema inside of 15 minutes.

As the officer returned to each resident in their car, they realized he wasn’t holding a ticket, but the very presents they had discussed. Presents ranged from televisions to an xBox One.

Watch it all unfold above and be sure to “like” the Lowell Police Department Facebook page.

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