KC-46 Pegasus rendering
The KC-46 Pegasus

MacDill Lieutenant Among Pilots Selected For KC-46 Pegasus Test Flight

The US Air Force's all new KC-46 Pegasus Tanker can hold up to twice as many passengers as the KC-135 that it will replace.

MacDill Air Force Base pilot Kaylyn Leibrand got a nice reward after returning from her recent deployment to the Middle East.

Leibrand was among the lucky pilots selected to test fly the KC-46 Pegasus, according to The Tampa Tribune. Kaylyn, a first lieutenant, is outranked by her husband David, a captain, but he will not be joining his wife in the air.

“It will be very exciting,” Leibrand told The Tampa Tribune of her new mission. “The KC-135, she is a very old war horse. Been around since the 1950s. To have the opportunity to bring the new tanker online, it is going to be very cool.”

According to Boeing, the all new KC-46 Pegasus “delivers more fuel at all ranges and from shorter runways, three times more cargo pallets, up to twice as many passengers and over 30 percent more aeromedical evacuation patients than the KC-135 that it is replacing.”

To read more about the new tanker, please visit Boeing.com.

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