Madison, Alabama P.D. go from Glock .45 to Glock .40 to save money on ammunition.

High ammunition costs gave the Madison Police Department enough fuel…

High ammunition costs gave the Madison Police Department enough fuel to push city leaders to approve a gun change.

The department is going from a Glock .45 caliber to a Glock .40 caliber.

The Glock .45 caliber bullet runs the department around $40 a box. The smaller bullet will only cost $20 bucks a box.

Madison Police Chief Larry Muncey went before the city council to get approval to change their guns and it was approved.

The new guns won’t cost a dime because the city made a trade agreement with a company to turn over their old guns, including nearly 200 seized guns they have in the basement from evidence.

Source: Margo Gray for WAFF.

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  • evan a

    what the article leaves out is that they are converting from .45 GAP! i work in madison Al.

  • Gregory

    VTGunner, No I am not. I am commenting on how ridiculous they are acting in trying to save money. I carry a .40 S&W on-duty. I used to carry a .45 until my agency chose to supply weapons. Also, I do not consume caffeine because of medical reasons, I wish I could. How nice a cup of coffee would be in the morning! Have a nice day.

  • VTGunner

    Gregory: Are you serious trying to claim that a .40S&W round is inadequate for a police force? Lay off the caffeine buddy

  • Gregory

    OMG, how insane. How about just issuing a sling shot. The officers can just pick up rocks from the ground at no charge. They can use different size rocks for different threats. They will not need a gun, a Taser, a baton or OC. I just saved big $$$$$$$$$$$$. Wow, I should be in administration, not road patrol.

  • Jeff

    …I wonder if they considered just using a cheaper ammunition for practice.