Magpul Finally Releases ‘This Is Breslau’ Documentary

'This Is Breslau' follows Jay Couch and his team as they become the first ever US entry into eastern Europe's difficult Breslau Rallye off-road race.

After years of waiting, Magpul has released its documentary entitled “This Is Breslau.”

The documentary follows “madman Jay Couch as he fabricates and races Magpul’s Bam Bam, the first and so far only U.S. entry into eastern Europe’s prestigious and obscenely difficult Breslau Rallye.”

The Breslau Rallye is a race from Poland to Germany and is considered one of the toughest off-road races in the world. Bam Bam is the massive 4×4 constructed by Couch and his team in a matter of just three months.

“This Is Breslau” was supposed to be released several years ago, but according to Magpul, “We had several distributors fall through and it got shelved while we worked on other projects. Amazon Prime finally gave us a suitable platform for general release.”

If the above trailer peaks your interest, you can rent the movie ($0.99) or buy the movie ($1.99) on Amazon Prime today.

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