Man who fought Seattle gunman tells Seattle Police Department, “I wasn’t a hero.”

A man named Lawrence was credited by Seattle police Thursday…

A man named Lawrence was credited by Seattle police Thursday with perhaps preventing more bloodshed in Wendesday’s deadly shootings at Cafe Racer on Roosevelt Way, but told the Seattle Police Department the hero of the day was a wounded employee who called 911.

The department posted an interview with Lawrence, who asked that his last name not be used, to their blog Thursday afternoon.
Lawrence said he’s been getting his morning coffee at Cafe Racer for years and was sitting inside when gunman Ian Stawicki walked in at about 11 a.m.

“I just threw the frigging stool at him, legs first,” Lawrence said. “My brother died in the World Trade Center. I promised myself [that if something like this ever happened] I would never hide under a table.”

Source: KIRO TV; More of the story at

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  • The politician has the cause of the shooting and the solution to random shootings all wrong as is par for the course. He says there is nothing that the police can do to stop random violence but if they knew where guns were they could get it to stop. Bullcrap!! There will always be violence and crime and it will never stop. Individauls have to understand that THEY and They alone are resposible for their safety and they must take action to protect themselves and the community.