Man who shot would-be robber at a grocery store is upset police won’t give him his gun back (video).

The Milwaukee County District Attorney cleared Nazir Al-Mujaahid of any…

The Milwaukee County District Attorney cleared Nazir Al-Mujaahid of any criminal wrongdoing. Al-Mujaahid fired inside the Milwaukee Aldi on Jan. 30th. Police took his gun during the investigation.

Al-Mujaahid said three times he’s asked police to return the weapon.
“Not only is it frustrating — it’s disheartening, because now I’m feeling like the legal system is coming down on me for some reason,” Al-Mujaahid said. In a statement, Milwaukee Police spokeswoman Anne Schwartz wrote, “Milwaukee Police continue to investigate the armed robbery of a north side grocery store on Jan. 30, 2012.

Concealed Wisconsin podcast interview

The robbery suspects were arrested and charged. A customer who discharged his personal firearm and struck one of the suspects was cleared by the DA’s office in the shooting.

Source: WISN

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  • sj

    Or how about the gun shop owner who finds that burglars cut their way into his shop and cleaned him out- only to find a sheriffs dept. in the distant urban county where the guns are recovered unwilling to return his property. So far as I know his property was destroyed. Seriously, why isn’t this theft? How can even a LE agency have the leeway to arbitrarily confiscate and destroy stolen property? This was just plain WRONG!

  • Larry Chapman

    Yeah, like Matt said, never limit yourself to only one handgun, have at least two. Your car has a spare tire, you should have a spare weapon.

  • Matt in Oklahoma

    That is something you should know. If you shoot someone you WILL lose your gun until the investigation is completed. Have a second gun and/or have a friend with one because that scum may have scum kin that will hold a grudge. My friends and I have a pact that we will pick each other up at the station with a second weapon.