Man with “AK-47-style” pistol in Tennessee state park sues ranger.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — A man who was detained for three…

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — A man who was detained for three hours while carrying an AK-47-style semiautomatic pistol at Radnor Lake State Park is suing the ranger who stopped him.

Leonard Embody filed a suit in federal court in Nashville on Monday. He claims Park Manager Steve Ward violated his civil rights by detaining him on Dec. 20, 2009 without probable cause and for longer than was necessary to determine he was not committing a crime.

Embody had a handgun carry permit and a new state law allows permit holders to carry their weapons in state parks. However, State Department of Environment and Conservation spokeswoman Tisha Calabrese-Benton has said Embody was detained because his weapon looked like a rifle.

After Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco Firearms and Explosives personnel were called, Embody was released without charges.


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  • Tyler Tulchinsky

    You need to be smart about what you do. I carry my gun in state parks but I’m not an idiot. Anybody can assume that you are going to get trouble walking around with an AK pistol. Yeah its a pistol, but it looks to most people, like a friggen machine gun. I’m all about them but I’m also about using common sense. Why don’t you try hanging an AK pistol from a sling and walk down a busy town, here in nh open carry is legal but cops and everyday people are going to question it. Don’t be dumb.

  • Mr.T

    All they need to do to take away your rights is let a terrorist through the net.

    Maybe if you didn’t make so many enemies…

  • Sal Matos

    If u want to carry unique handguns with you be prepared to be stopped, and put through the wringer. It was always tough to enact your 2nd amendment rights but in these days of terror threats its worse than ever