Manhunt launched for ex-L.A. cop wanted in shootings

Image: jon_a_ross/flickr Authorities in California launched a manhunt on Thursday…

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Image: jon_a_ross/flickr

Authorities in California launched a manhunt on Thursday for a fired Los Angeles policeman suspected of gunning down five people, killing three, and declaring an all-out war on police officers and their families in a rambling Internet manifesto.

The violence began with the weekend slayings of a campus safety officer and his fiancée, who was the daughter of a retired Los Angeles police captain who represented the accused gunman in disciplinary proceedings. The suspect blames the retired captain for his dismissal from the force.

The investigation widened in scope and urgency earlier this week when police learned that the suspect in that shooting, Christopher Dorner, 33, had posted an online declaration of grievances and threats which they have interpreted as a potential hit list.

Source: Steve Gorman and Dan Whitcomb for Reuters

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  • Matt in Oklahoma

    GeneralJimM I’m not a cop anymore but still LEO. Why take off my uniform and walk away if I support the 2nd? Your trying to lump everyone into something that doesnt even exist. Since you have the answers join the local force at least as a reserve and show us how the job is done. Quit trying to drive a wedge between everyone, the wedges are what got us to this point and near losing the 2nd.

  • GeneralJimM

    On the subject of mass gun confiscations in America:it won’t happen. Just look at how upset the police get when one excop is hunting them.Imagine if over a million ( probably 4-5 million )fanatical 2nd amendment supporters felt it nessessary to wage an actual war against those forces trying to disarm America for the UN’s disarmament plan.One excop, or millions of citizens looking to tar and feather domestic traitors,what would cause more havoc.If that happened and i was a cop,i’d take off the uniform,put on my civvies and walk away.To serve and protect,not to intimidate and enslave.

  • Matt in Oklahoma

    Dudes gone to ground. When the weather clears he will re-surface and hit another target. But it will take time probably as most resources are not planned this far out.
    Be careful, do the unexpected because this is one of your own. Don’t react with business as usual or you won’t survive the encounter. Stay in teams but leave room between yourselves. Wear your armor and maybe beef it up, put extra panels in the vehicle doors, behind the seats etc.