Marijuana Growers in N. Calif. Thrive & Profit From Local Drug Trade

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MENDOCINO COUNTY, Calif. – Marijuana growers in Northern California’s Mendocino County are profiting off of a controversial and increasingly violent criminal enterprise. The marijuana trade has become an exploding underground industry that accounts to nearly two-thirds of the local economies in Mendocino, Humbolt and Trinity counties. The area known as “the emerald triangle” has become a haven for people looking to make a living by growing marijuana- as much marijuana as possible without triggering a legal crackdown. Local growers are able to grow large amounts of marijuana in their backyards because of two main reasons: Authorities in the area are overwhelmed by the sheer number of growers and are also hampered by conflicting state, federal and county laws governing marijuana.

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  • I can see where this might be the way to make ends meet. considering the economy the way it is now.I live on the Oregon border and I know quit a few people who are growin,these people I know are in there 60s 70s and in some cases 80s, people who used to make there living as Loggers and other obsoleat ocuppations way gone.They have no health care, cant afford it payments insurnce, every day needs! I support them, and if I could would help them!Its just like people like me and you, normal every day decent people who need a little help! More power to them if they can pull it off.