Marines in Pres. inaugural parade had bolts removed from their rifles (video)

Take a close look at the M-14 rifles the Marines…

Take a close look at the M-14 rifles the Marines where carrying at Obama’s second inauguration. The bolts have been removed from the rifles rendering them unable to fire a round. Watch this video, at about 1:14 you’ll see the troops passing by the camera, every single rifle is missing it’s bolt.

Source: Whoopie for Blur Brain

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  • GeneralJimM


  • JJM

    The USMC has always been “The President’s Own”. Dating back to Jefferson, they have been the military guard responsible and accountable to the POTUS.

    The screening that accompanies the honor of being part of the Presidents Own is significant. You don’t get there easily.

    This man (or his handlers) needs to realize that. The people he commands perform to a higher standard.

    It shoud

  • akim

    from jfk to now you are just now bitch about this now how about you bitch at the secret service not the potus and the usmc will live a long time with out your imput guys

  • Gregory

    This president is a national disgrace.

  • TC

    The Corps should pull all presidential details. Respect should be earned. The President has not shown one bit of respect for the military. I believe respect the office not the man. He should know that the man is not respected.

  • A.g.

    Same things in French parade…Confidence reign.

  • Matt in Oklahoma

    what to do when you fear the ones who can do