Marshfield, Missouri PD have trouble training while ammo is in short supply

Image: joelogon/flickr Andrew Lamb, a deputy with the Webster County…

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Image: joelogon/flickr

Andrew Lamb, a deputy with the Webster County Sheriff’s Office, uses a Glock 22 to do his job.

“To apprehend suspects, help us in doing our job, and to keep us safe, make sure we go home every night,” explained Lamb. “We train about once a month. It is very important. We have to be quick and well trained to make sure we go home.”

The bullets used in the live training sessions are hard to find.

“We, like any law enforcement agency use our guns everyday or at least have them with us. And they are tools and we need to be familiar with them and we can’t do that if we are not going to the range and practicing. We can have life threatening consequences if you don’t train,” explained Webster County Sheriff Roye Cole. “It’s a drastic shortage right now in them and everybody is buying up ammo and we are trying to buy up ammo too and we are just running out of luck.”

Source: Mary Moloney for KSPR

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  • Jeff

    Notice he said for his protection and not the peoples protection. I agree it is important for him to make it home every night, but “To Protect and to Serve” is the job description, not just a catch phrase.

  • Coastie

    Get 22lr conversions. You will save more in ammo anyways (although it isn’t exactly the same as shooting 40cal). Oh, and thank your POTUS and the various state governments for trying to go against the Supreme Court, and against the Constitution. By the way, you’re lucky to get once a month. in my pond of federal LE existence, it’s once every 6 months. Budgets are a bitch, huh? Actually, it’s the mentality of the higher-ups thinking like …well, liberals. But, that’s another story.

  • Matt in Oklahoma

    Guess LEOs had better get behind the 2nd to ensure smooth purchasing continues because if this junk passes many companies will go out of business and ammo, gear and tacticools will still be hard to find