Massachusetts bill aims to limit gun purchases to one per month.

A long-stalled proposal to limit purchases of firearms at one…

A long-stalled proposal to limit purchases of firearms at one per month is on target to move this week, following a month of gun-fueled mayhem on Hub streets.

The measure, filed by Gov. Deval Patrick nearly two years ago, could go before the House by week’s end. Public Safety Secretary Mary Beth Heffernan said capping firearm sales will make Boston safer.

“Taking guns off the street will save lives,” Heffernan said.

Heffernan said straw purchasers – people without criminal records who buy guns for others – can now buy an unlimited number of weapons for people with criminal records. But that will change if Patrick’s bill passes.

“We’re trying to prevent straw purchases,” Heffernan said. “That will get guns off the street and reduce violence in the streets of Boston and other cities.”

Source: Edward Mason for Boston Herald.

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  • General Jim M

    Come on down South.Most of the United States allows their citizens to buy gun WITHOUT A PERMIT!!!!!! You guys are not the norm,you guys are the one’s being denied your freedoms.I used to Live in Massachusetts,most other states are much better to live in.You can actually protect your family down here and you don’t have to retreat.You can buy guns and ammo at Walmart at the same time that you buy groceries.If you are 21,have a state driver’s license and pass a background check ( takes about 15 minutes ) you can buy a handgun,”assault” rifle or a riot shotgun!!!!! C’mon down,for fried chicken,iced tea,cornbread and a 44 magnum.