Massachusetts may ease rules for purchase and use of pepper spray.

Packaged in new gun-control legislation is a measure that, if…

Packaged in new gun-control legislation is a measure that, if approved, would make it easier for people to buy and carry pepper spray or Mace.

People looking to buy the self-defense spray in the Bay State must first pay a fee and undergo a background check to get a permit. Area police chiefs and gun dealers are split on whether those extra steps are too restricting.

“Absolutely,” said Mark Heavner, owner of Holliston Firearms, when asked if the state should repeal the permit. “It is too hard for young, college-aged girls to get it. They can’t buy something they need for their own protection.”

Heavner, whose business is on Washington Street, said there have been many instances where people will ask him if he sells pepper spray.

“It is not a question of do we sell it,” said Heavner. “We do. But we sell very little of it because the people who need it can’t have it.”

Currently in Massachusetts, a person must fill out an application, undergo a background check and pay $25 before they can get a restricted firearms identification card, which allows them to buy pepper spray or Mace, but not a gun. Applicants must be 18 years old and have no prior felonies.

Source: Joe O’Connell for MetroWest Daily News.

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  • General Jim M

    Massachusetts is a disgrace.It’s like a mini communist police state.I know i lived there some 48 years.Tennessee is much more like America.As a matter of fact my TN hangun carry permit is honored by almost 40 states.Tennessee honors EVERY other states permit.It takes about 15 minutes to buy a handgun.Pepperspray is an over the counter item.I said that MA is like a police state,as are most new england states.They have lots of cops,they are armed to the teeth and they deny the citizen the right to carry firearms for self defense.If the citizens of those states only knew that most of America is free and respected by their government,but they are considered to be psycho loose cannons if they apply for a handgun permit.Well i guess mace is better than nothing if some Jihadis or MS13 guys start mowing down people in a public place.People who become victims of violent crimes should sue the state for putting them in the position of being helpless.Probably a vlot of money in that for some smart lawyers.