Media silent as Mexico arrests key figure in Fast and Furious.

Mary Chastain for Big Journalism writes: I think late January…

Mary Chastain for Big Journalism writes:

I think late January and February have been the busiest time for Operation Fast & Furious. The media still doesn’t give it proper coverage, especially this news: On February 4th, Mexico arrests a key figure in Fast & Furious. Not only is he a key person in Fast & Furious, but he was also a top lieutenant to El Chapo. I first found out about it on Borderland Beat, a great website keeping us up to date about the drug war in Mexico. The Los Angeles Times reported it on February 7th and my colleague AWR Hawkins published commentary on February 8th. Silence from media.

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  • EGS

    I’m glad to see that despite the trouble the corrosion caused by the corrupted officials fed by the drug lords that there is still a functioning government attempting to solve their own problems. my hope is that they will someday work to secure their borders.

  • John Khoury

    So wheres Erick Holder?