Medvedev: Russia may target U.S. missile shield in Europe.

Graphic: AFP Russia's president threatened on Wednesday to deploy missiles…

Graphic: AFP

Russia’s president threatened on Wednesday to deploy missiles to target the U.S. missile shield in Europe if Washington fails to assuage Moscow’s concerns about its plans, a harsh warning that reflected deep cracks in U.S.-Russian ties despite President Barack Obama’s efforts to “reset” relations with the Kremlin.

Dmitry Medvedev said he still hopes for a deal with the U.S. on missile defense, but he strongly accused Washington and its NATO allies of ignoring Russia’s worries. He said that Russia will have to take military countermeasures if the U.S. continues to build the shield without legal guarantees that it will not be aimed against Russia.

The U.S. has repeatedly assured Russia that its proposed missile defense system wouldn’t be directed against Russia’s nuclear forces, and it did that again Wednesday.

Source: Vladimir Isachenkov for the Associated Press.

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  • LtCol.JamesP Mueller

    Cuban missle crisis part 2.

  • LtCol.JamesP Mueller

    I never did believe the end of the USSR,it just came over here.Americans think short term,our enemies plan long term.Our people are all becomming overweight computer addicted couch potatoes.Americans do have a tough attitude,but we need lean muscle to back that up not folded swinging as we walk spare tires blubber.The way i see it now any globalist is an enemy of America.I wonder if the powers that be could incite or promote widespread rioting and violence if our government would not hesitate to call in international UN/NATO peacekeepers to quell dissent.There would probably be a few of Medvedev/Putin’s boys in the mix.