Meet White House gun policy adviser Steve Croley.

On March 15, two months after a deadly shooting spree…

On March 15, two months after a deadly shooting spree in Tucson left a U.S. congresswoman in critical condition, the nation’s leading gun-control activists took seats in Room 4525 at the Department of Justice to push the Obama administration for more firearm regulation. In the hour-and-a-half-long meeting, Assistant Attorney General Christopher H. Schroeder, who has coordinated the government’s work on the issue, went around a long conference table soliciting views from representatives of the major advocacy and law enforcement groups.

But the official the advocates wanted to hear from most stayed mostly quiet.

The silence of Steve Croley, the White House’s point man on gun regulation policy, echoes the decision by Democrats to remain mute on guns as a national issue, even in the wake of the Tucson rampage. Croley’s keep-your-head-down approach is in keeping with President Obama’s preference for low-key wonks, but in this case, his reticence has more to do with political reality: Democrats have no plans for serious gun-control initiatives, and the Gabrielle Giffords tragedy, as heart-rending as it was, hasn’t changed their minds.

Read the rest of Jason Horowitz’s article at The Washington Post.

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  • Is it not IRONIC that “gun control” is a topic discussed in the District of Columbia…a police state where even after a Supreme Court ruling the tyrannts that run DC refuse to comply with the 2ND Amendment. The so called Tucson rampage was enabled by an Elected Federal Official failing to provide any security for themselves or the public. Obama’s BATFE has attempted via Gunrunner to “make a LIE” that guns from Texas fuel Narco Violence in Mexico. This resulted in the death of an Federal Officer by a Narco gunman armed by the BATFE. The WaPo article talks about the socalled Gun Show loop hole where private citzens sell personal property to other private citizens…hardly ..unlicensed dealers. Now BATFE is attempting to Unconstitutionally regulate the importation of foreign made shotguns.