Menu of gadgets to guard U.S./Mexico border.

The electronic virtual fence proved to be expensive and inefficient,…

The electronic virtual fence proved to be expensive and inefficient, so Homeland Security is trading Star Wars for simplicity in its latest border technology strategy.

Instead of a one-size-fits-all network of camera and radar towers, the agency will tailor unique plans for the different stretches of the geographically diverse, 2,000-mile U.S.-Mexico border by choosing from a menu of technology.

Most of the options are already being used on the border: truck-mounted surveillance systems, night-vision goggles and towers with day and night cameras. But now they will be brought together more cohesively in a plan to be rolled out first in Arizona – the busiest stretch of border for the last decade.

Read the rest of Brady McCombs’ article at Arizona Daily Star.

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  • nate

    or land mines!!!

  • 55 percent of the Border is not secure, source GAO Report. Gadgets can not secure the border…it takes Will, and manpower.