Mexican ambassador calls 2nd Amendment fears ‘gobbledygook’.

Image: U.S. Department of the Interior “There is an urban…

Image: U.S. Department of the Interior

“There is an urban myth out there that somehow the Mexican government … is seeking to lobby against and destroy the rights enshrined in the Second Amendment,” said Ambassador Arturo Sarukhan. “This is gobbledygook.”

Speaking at a forum on Capitol Hill, Sarukhan said the Founding Fathers did not draft the Second Amendment to permit surrogates — straw purchasers — to buy military-style weapons in Texas, California and other border states and ship them to violent Mexican drug cartels.

Source: Dan Freedman for My San Antonio.

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  • Matt

    No, you’re right, the founding fathers didn’t draft the second amendment for that purpose. However, they DID draft it, so that we the sheeple can protect ourselves from people like YOU!!

  • MSgt G. H. White

    This pathetic shill for the drug cartels is just trying to shift blame off his own corrupt, worthless “government” (to use the term loosely).

    Nobody gets their job in the Mexican government unless the drug cartels approve them. And they just kill the ones that don’t behave.

    Mexico is a complete joke, and is never likely to improve, since their so-called citizens don’t really give a damn anyway.

  • Mark Smith

    “gobbledygook” is spanish for “my country is all f***ked up, so let’s change yours”.