Mexican charged in murder of U.S. border patrol agent.

A Mexican man who crossed into the United States illegally…

A Mexican man who crossed into the United States illegally has been indicted for second-degree murder in the shooting death of a U.S. border patrol agent last December, U.S. prosecutors said on Friday.

Manuel Osorio-Arellanes was arraigned in a Tucson, Arizona courtroom for second degree murder as well as conspiracy to assault a federal officer and firearms possession charges, the Department of Justice said.

The death of the border patrol agent, Brian Terry, has led to criticism of the Obama administration by Republicans over what they say is poor security on the U.S.-Mexican border. Drug cartels have battled each other on the Mexican side for years.

Questions have also arisen as to whether the guns used in the shooting came from an U.S. undercover operation aimed at cracking down on weapons being smuggled across the border into Mexico.


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