Mexican drug cartels threaten U.S. Border Patrol Agents, place bounty on their lives.

After a week marred with violence along the U.S./Mexico border…

After a week marred with violence along the U.S./Mexico border sources admit the Mexican drug cartels have placed a $250 thousand bounty for the kidnapping or murder of Border Patrol Agents.

U.S. agents are taking the threat very seriously and say officers in the field should use extreme caution when approaching the border fence area. The threat comes after an Arizona rancher was murdered on his own property last month by an alleged illegal alien.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has issued a warning to law enforcement officers in west Texas due to retaliatory killings by a Mexican gang. The agency has suggested agents’ change up their routes and wears body armor while on duty.

DHS headquarters said gang members might issue a “green light” to murder law enforcement officers in the Texas and other U.S. border areas. The report also suggests that the law enforcement officers pay special attention to any unusual activity.

The elevated warning comes amidst a crackdown on the Barrio Azteca Mexican gang following the brutal murders of three Americans with ties to the U.S. Consulate in Ciudad Juarez on March 13. Law enforcement in the region has begun a broader crackdown, known as “Operation Knockdown.”

The spike in violence along the border transcends state lines and Border Patrol Agents in Arizona and California must now look over their shoulder and be prepared for possible attacks near the U.S. border region.

Source: Kimberly Dvorak for San Diego County Political Buzz Examiner.

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  • Wayne

    We are drawing down troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, put them on the US/Mexico border, proect our borders before we worry about others.

  • mikeasq

    Its time now we got deadly serious on that border with that 3rd world country. No more beating around the bush!

  • jesus d

    all you are guys are just ready for war arent you?thats funny

  • Dan

    They don’t need the military, they should just allow all levels of law enforcement to do what they are trained to do and not have to worry about all the bullshit red tape the politicians and lawyers seem to hold on to. The laws of this Nation should protect those who risk their lives to protect us and not those who attempt to harm us.

  • R.K.

    This is why the 2nd amendment exists. So that any external threat will have to face, not only our Law Enforcement officers and our Military, but also the heavily armed populace of private citizens. If any of these cartel or associated criminals cause trouble in your neighborhood, pushing drugs and ruining people’s lives, murdering innocents for blood profit, then lock and load, it’s time to go hunting. I’d like to see the cartels try to carry out “bounties” against heavily armed mechanized troops of the US Army and Air Force once they are deployed to hunt down the fuckers

  • Jerry

    If they harm one LEO we need to bring in the military and shoot anyone that crosses the border. They kill one of ours kill 1000 of theirs.