Mexican officials seize ‘narcotank’ (video).

Mexican policemen stand guard next to an armoured car seized…

Mexican policemen stand guard next to an armoured car seized to alleged members of the Mexican drug cartel “Los Zetas” and presented to the press on May 23, 2011 in Guadalajara, Jalisco State. The armoured car called “The Z Monster” has a capacity to transport about 20 men and has a turret to place a heavy machine gun. AFP PHOTO/HECTOR GUERRERO (Photo credit should read HECTOR GUERRERO/AFP/Getty Images)

Video is illustrative and not directly related to news story.

Authorities in Jalisco, Mexico, recently seized this tricked-out 2011 Ford F-150 Super Duty truck, above, that had been transformed by drug gang members into an obviously DIY armored vehicle. The steel-plated “Z Monster,” as the truck was called, could fit 20 men and was outfitted with a rotating machine gun turret.

Drug gangs are crafting armored “narcotanks” in order to battle the Mexican military–and each other.

Security forces complain they’re battling gangs that are better armed than they are. In Colombia, gangs have been caught using homemade submarines, and other cartels use ultra-light airplanes to transport drugs to the United States without grabbing the attention of the Border Patrol. The L.A. Times’ Daniel Hernandez reports that The Zetas and Gulf cartels wear military-style uniforms, making them “indistinguishable from actual soldiers” and confusing the locals.

Source: Liz Goodwin for The Lookout Yaho!

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