Mexican officials want to prosecute U.S. officials for ATF’s Fast and Furious scandal (video).

Fox News is reporting today that some officials in Mexico…

Fox News is reporting today that some officials in Mexico would like to extradite and prosecute U.S. officials responsible for Operation Fast and Furious because it flooded their country with guns illegally, resulting in the deaths of possibly hundreds of Mexican citizens.

Source: Dave Workman for Examiner.

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  • Eric

    Permitting Mexico to interfere in the US is a serious issue. Extradition of US Officials would never have been considered seriously even a few years ago. When the Courts permitted Mexico to give its “opinion” in the Arizona Immigration Law Case, we started down a “slippery slope.” Or, when the Mexican President addressed and urged Congress to pass the so-called Assault Weapons Ban, and a majority of Democrats stood and applauded, America was further damaged because it showed the Government does not trust We The People, who are the bulwark against tyranny. Imagine Washington, Lincoln, and J.F.K. entertaining such things? Reagan? The science fiction writers, like Arthur C. Clarke, who imagined a “weapons-free” future as the harbinger of some high-tech Utopia, really were helping to disarm good people and empower thugs and warlords and so generate a Hell on Earth, which we see in the majority of nations around the world (especially Mexico!), where the rich own most of the real wealth, the middle class is small and struggling, and the so-called “masses” (read: people without a “voice”) live in abject poverty, plagued with inevitable violence and servitude because they are POOR, DISARMED and can’t fight back – all in the name of “peace,” an idea easily exploited to make SLAVES. There are those “at home” who want to court foreign “opinion” as it is somehow more valuable than our own. If we are to remain a free people, we must remember what made us a great nation and reverse the disastrous slide of recent years to be “beggars to our own demise!”

  • Jim

    Really? The truth is the killings going on there between the cartels is political, the ruling political party previous to Calderon taking over enabled certain drug cartels to operate and when Calderon won election his politcal party happened to support different cartels, hence the old powerhouse cartels are fighting to keep their buisness afloat, let the killing begin, some research will reveal just what I’m saying, but they want to blame us.