Mexican, U.S. officials denounce alleged infiltration tactics used by DEA agents

Allegations surrounding a U.S. investigation that may have involved laundering…

Allegations surrounding a U.S. investigation that may have involved laundering money for Mexican drug cartels are causing concern on both sides of the border.

In Mexico, lawmakers say they are furious and are demanding an investigation. In the United States, a congressman is broadening the oversight of a previous inquiry to include the most recent allegations.

Felipe Gonzalez, a federal senator with Mexico’s ruling PAN party, says they will demand an investigation to determine whether the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration allowed its agents to launder money, possibly even on Mexican soil, as part of an investigation into the inner workings of Mexican drug cartels.

Gonzalez called the situation “really, really bad” and said that “this is not increasing the trust among countries to work together against crime. Furthermore, you can’t fight crime by committing criminal acts and violating the law.”

Last weekend, the New York Times reported that DEA agents “have handled shipments of hundreds of thousands of dollars in illegal cash across borders.”

Source: Rafael Romo for CNN.

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  • WJS

    First the Border Patrol is ordered to stop deporting folks then the BATF and the DEA help out the cartels. Gets better and better. Old man Janet and Holder the ignorer are doing bang up jobs. What’s next? The FBI performing virgin sacrifice? Please my fellow americans. Get this Administration out of office before we are all killed by Zetas.