Mexico mistakenly invades U.S. when thirty-three of its soldiers.

On Tuesday, the Mexican Army accidentally "invaded" the United States…

On Tuesday, the Mexican Army accidentally “invaded” the United States when thirty-three of its soldiers mistakenly crossed the border into Texas in Humvees; the soldiers were driving in a convoy consisting of four Humvees when they realized they had started driving on a bridge over the Rio Grande where they could not turn their vehicles around until they entered the United States.

More than 30 soldiers in the Mexican Army crossed the border into Texas in Humvees on Tuesday before being processed and allowed to return to Mexico.

According to Customs and Border Patrol spokesman Rick Pauza, the accidental invasion occurred when 33 soldiers in four Humvees started crossing a bridge across the Rio Grande at Donna, Texas, and then realized they couldn’t turn their vehicles around without entering the U.S.

A local newspaper, the Monitor of McAllen, Texas, reported that the Mexicans were chasing a resident of South Texas when they drove onto the bridge.

Without addressing the reason for the crossing, Pauza confirmed to ABC News that the incident had occurred and called it “inadvertent.”

Source: Homeland Security Newswire; ABC.

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  • Wayne

    I know for a fact that Humvees have a reverse gear, couldnt they just back off the bridge? Something fishy here and I dont mean the dead fish in the river.

  • General Jim M

    Why are we to be worried about 33 when probably 20 million + are already in the US? Of course in a perfect world the invasion of the 20+ million invaders would be turned around and sent back to Mehihko.What would Davey Crockett say?

  • David Wurz

    I hope we gave them the person they were chasing