Mexico queries U.S. on ATF gun operation.

Mexico asked the United States for information on a US…

Mexico asked the United States for information on a US law enforcement operation that allegedly allowed illegal smuggling of guns into the country.

The idea behind operation “Fast and Furious” was to monitor the path of the guns in hopes of bringing down top players in Mexico’s powerful crime cartels.

Mexico’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said it has requested “detailed information on this case.”

The request comes days after US President Barack Obama met with his Mexican counterpart Felipe Calderon in Washington on Thursday and vowed to step up the fight against Mexico’s violent drug cartels.

Obama stressed the “strong bonds” between the neighbors and renewed his commitment to helping crack down on the trafficking of drugs and weapons across their joint border.

CBS News, which earlier broke the story, said the US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) led the operation allowing weapons to cross the border, in a tactic known as letting guns “walk.”

Source: AFP

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