Mexico soldiers rescue 61 people held by drug gang.

Mexico's military says soldiers freed 61 men being held captive…

Mexico’s military says soldiers freed 61 men being held captive by the Zetas drug cartel for use as forced labor.

The army says the men were found guarded by three Zetas kidnappers in a safe house in the border city of Piedras Negras on Saturday. Soldiers made the discovery during a security sweep in the area that also turned up an abandoned truck filled with 6 tons of marijuana.

In a press conference Sunday, Gen. Luis Crescencio Sandoval Gonzalez said one of the captives was from Honduras and others were from various parts of Mexico. He said the three kidnappers were arrested.

Source: The Associated Press

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  • Jay C.

    Felicidades! The Zetas would have probably brutalized and killed all of these poor people. They are the true narco-terrorists in our hemisphere. They are greedy, ruthless, merciless rogues that don’t care about the citizens of Mexico.