Mexico’s Zeta gang boss talks gun smuggling, hints at gov’t corruption.

During a recorded question-and-answer session, Jesus Enrique “El Mamito” Rejon…

During a recorded question-and-answer session, Jesus Enrique “El Mamito” Rejon Aguilar gave investigators and the public an inside look at the Zetas and the man who is believed to be responsible for the death of Special Agent Jaime J. Zapata of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Rejon, an original member of the Zetas, was captured Sunday in the state of Mexico alongside one of his bodyguards.

In the recorded interview, Rejon said he joined the Zetas shortly after deserting the Mexican Army in 1999 and was recruited by Arturo “Z-1” Guzman Decena, thus forming the original 14 Zetas.

The interview was available to the public on a Mexican government website.

When asked about where the Zetas acquired their weapons, Rejon said they are all purchased in the United States. He said they used to be transported to Mexico on international bridges, but amid stricter security measures, they now are smuggled through the river.

“It became harder, but we can still get them,” Rejon said. “The Golfos (Gulf Cartel) get them a lot easier; we don’t know why. (It’s) impossible to buy them and smuggle them in a trunk (of a car), but they do it.

“There must be a deal somewhere; I don’t know.”

The former Zeta lieutenant implied that the Gulf Cartel’s arms smuggling must have owed to an arrangement with the government.

Source: The Brownsville Herald

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