Miami cop accused of driving 120 mph in squad car to off-duty job (video).

A Miami police officer in a marked squad car has…

A Miami police officer in a marked squad car has been charged with reckless driving, accused of zigzagging through Florida Turnpike traffic at more than 120 miles an hour so that he could be on time for his off-duty job, the Florida Highway Patrol said Saturday.

Officer Fausto Lopez, 35, of Miami was handcuffed at gunpoint earlier this month and charged with second-degree reckless driving, a misdemeanor, according to the highway patrol’s offense report. Lopez was eventually released, authorities said.

In a pursuit videotaped on the trooper’s in-car camera, Lopez led Florida highway patrol officer D.J. Watts on a seven-minute, almost 12-mile chase in pre-dawn darkness on Tuesday, October 11, the report said.

Source: Michael Martinez for CNN.

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  • Ken

    The female officer acted perfectly.
    Set a good example as well as take a dangerous driver off the road