Miami PD could be first to fight crime using high-tech drone

MIAMI - Miami police could be the first in the…

MIAMI – Miami police could be the first in the United States to use cutting-edge UAV technology to beef up their fight against crime.  If use of this small pilotless drone capable of hovering and “staring” using electro-optic or infrared sensors wins Federal Aviation Administration approval after tests, the Miami-Dade Police Department will start flying the 14-pound drone over urban areas with an eye toward full-fledged employment in crime fighting.  For more details, click here and return back to comment.

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  • Jeff Costlow

    Both LAPD and LA Sheriffs already used drones. The LAPD with the help of the military and the LA sheriffs on their own used arm launched drones for narcotic sale survelliance, emergency scene prepardness training drills to see how a drone could look for something in a collapsed environment, and then more basic law enforcement usage was tested. The FAA pursuaded them to stop more or less due to air zone restrictions. Although it wouldn’t be suprising to me if they continued to do it. With LAPD they worked with military in a scenario controlled by the military to see how miltary resources could be used in america to assist public safety and also to see the training quality for the event of deploying the military as a peace like municipal police force versus a battling army…