Michiana gun show sees huge crowds following Colorado tradgedy (video).

"Since the shooting, we've seen an increase," said Scott Igert,…

“Since the shooting, we’ve seen an increase,” said Scott Igert, owner of Modern Antique firearms. “A lot more customers are coming in. We’ve probably seen about a thirty percent sales increase.”

Nearly one thousand people came to the gun show to buy everything from rifles to AK-47’s.

Jerry Glassman and his wife Aimee own Big Bear Auction Company, and they were surprised by the turnout.

“We had three gun dealers who completely cleaned their tables,” Glassman said. “They sold all of the guns and ammunition they brought.”

Source: Daryl Bjoraas for ABC57 News.

FYI Michiana is a region in northern Indiana and southwestern Michigan centered on the city of South Bend, Indiana.

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  • kurt

    You’re right Matt. Ill bet all 30% don’t get Tue training they need either.

    MDFI is right there for all there trading needs.

  • Matt in Oklahoma

    Why? The sheeple will still not have one when it goes down. You can buy a gun but you cant buy a heart