Michigan man charged after federal authorities find more than 4,000 pounds of explosives.

Federal authorities say a Michigan man bought and hid more…

Federal authorities say a Michigan man bought and hid more than 4,000 pounds of explosives with enough potential firepower to equal the Oklahoma City bombing and told an undercover informant that “when the government takes over, we will be mercenaries.”

John Francis Lechner, 64, was arrested last week on a charge of possessing explosives while facing other charges and ordered held following a U.S. District Court hearing Monday. His attorney said Lechner, a builder and farmer from Sault Ste. Marie in the Upper Peninsula, obtained the materials years ago for construction projects.

“He’s not a terrorist, he’s not a mercenary, he’s not some freedom fighter,” defense attorney Charles Malette told The Associated Press on Tuesday. “He intended no type of violence, pro- or anti-government. The man is not like that.”

Source: The Associated Press via The Washington Post.

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  • Patrick Martin

    There are a lot of stories to be heard about American rights being taken away step by step. What some consider to be loving their country and caring for the rights of all all for our rights all can be seen in a much different light by the government; actually both the man and the people who arrested him may actually share very similar political views when it boils down to it. Let’s say there actually was a government plot to disarm and dictate life to the American people. The guys who arrested this man would not be in on that as they only make sure that the general population is safe from guys with the power to do harm to others and especially in a big way. It seems this guy let his fear get the best of him. It sounds like he isn’t a terrorist but rather just a fearful man doing what he thinks is necessary to protect himself only if he had too. But the law is the law and he’ll have to pay that price it seems; I feel the agency who arrested this man did what they had to do to serve and protect but I hope all things are considered here for the arrested mans sake and that he gets the proper help he needs to get past his fears so this does not take place ever again.