Micro-stamping legislation passes New York Assembly.

On Tuesday, May 24, Assembly Bill 1157 passed in the…

On Tuesday, May 24, Assembly Bill 1157 passed in the New York Assembly by a 84 to 55 vote. The bill has been delivered to the state Senate and will be considered in the Senate Codes Committee.

Introduced by state Assemblyman Michelle Schimel (D-16), A1157 would require all current semi-automatic pistols in production and all newly designed semi-automatic pistols delivered to any licensed firearms dealer in New York to mechanically stamp an alpha-numeric or geometric code that would imprint the make, model and serial number onto the cartridge case when the gun is discharged. This bill would vastly increase the cost of these firearms and will likely result in firearms manufacturers not selling new handguns in New York. Of course, that is the ultimate goal of this legislation.

A1157 would also require micro-stamping on all new semi-automatic pistols sold in New York after January 1, 2013 or whenever the State Police receive notification from one or more “micro-stamp job shops” that they can produce micro-stamp structures on two internal surfaces of a semi-automatic pistol for $12 or less, whichever occurs later.

Gun control advocates know that micro-stamping is unproven technology, is easily circumvented, and will be very costly to gun owners. Desperate to pass a bill and create a loophole, this legislation would do nothing to safeguard gun owners from the costly, unproven gimmick we know as micro-stamping. Enemies of the Second Amendment are determined to pass New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s pet project at any cost.

Please contact your state Senator and respectfully urge him or her to OPPOSE A1157. Contact information can be found here.

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  • M.S.

    If they want a law enforcement tool that would help them solve crimes why don’t they test fire a slug out of every new gun sold and keep that information in a database police could then search to match slugs from a crime.

    That would be a lot cheaper to do and a lot harder to circumvent. The database would be of limited value early on, but it’s value to law enforcment would increase over time.

  • steve T

    This is a problem for the NRA to fight to the end. Work with them and urge everyone to write the politicals.

  • A.J.

    Jesus H! Just when you think politicians can’t have more sh*t for brains… They go and totally reassure us again. Those liberal va-jjs need to move to Venezuela or Afghanistan.

  • this ladies and gentleman is whats known as bullshit . guess what you can sit here and try this crap all you want to IT’S NOT GOING TO WORK. And for those of you who dont believe me go ahead and be patient and follow this article and see how it goes