Militia members plotted to kill federal officials, prosecutors say (video).

Federal agents charged four Georgia men they say are part…

Federal agents charged four Georgia men they say are part of a fringe militia group with plotting to attack government officials with explosives and the biotoxin ricin, prosecutors in Atlanta announced Tuesday.

A government informant recorded the men discussing plans to manufacture ricin, a highly poisonous substance derived from castor beans, and attack Justice Department officials, federal judges and Internal Revenue Service agents, according to court papers released Tuesday afternoon.
Prosecutors said the public was never in imminent danger.

All four suspects were in custody and are scheduled to make their initial court appearances Wednesday in Gainesville, about 50 miles northeast of Atlanta, the U.S. attorney’s office announced.

“When it comes time to saving the Constitution, that means some people gotta die,” an arrest affidavit quotes one of the defendants, Frederick Thomas, as saying during one recorded conversation.

Source: CNN

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  • General Jim M

    This is laughable.What the government won’t do to cook up a paper nemisis.Go after the real terrorists and stop trying to cook up white veteran or constituitional militia threats that don’t exist.I know some real terrorists,the guys selling America out to Communist China ,Mexica movement and radical Islam.I’d just leave the senior citizens to their imaginary revolution and stick with the big fish.Like i said this is laughable and PATHETIC>