Minimum wage cops to get full paychecks

Hundreds of workers in Pennsylvania's sixth-largest city will get their…

Hundreds of workers in Pennsylvania’s sixth-largest city will get their full pay checks this week but Scranton’s mayor said Wednesday there’s no guarantee he won’t again slash pay to the federal minimum wage.

Scranton public employees will see their pay checks restored to normal on Friday, though they won’t include back pay they’re owed from their July 6 checks, Mayor Chris Doherty said.

Two weeks ago Doherty cut the pay of about 400 workers to $7.25 per hour, prompting public employee unions to file legal challenges in county and federal courts.


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  • Gregory

    The police place their lives at risk every day to do their jobs. Cut the pay of the city officials instead. Let’s see, the job hazard for city officials is at most a paper cut or pricking of their finger with a staple. That’s a big ouchie for them! The job hazard for police officers is DEATH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who should be paid more???????????????