Minnesota law enforcement officers rally against gun bill (video).

Law enforcement agencies from around the state rallied Thursday at…

Law enforcement agencies from around the state rallied Thursday at the Minnesota state capitol.

They were there in opposition to new legislation they say would endanger the lives of every police officer in the state.
The bill, currently moving through the Minnesota legislature, would greatly expand a person’s right to use deadly force, without threat of prosecution, when they themselves feel threatened.

“To lessen those expectations about shooting at someone on a property, or anywhere else in the city, is not good for public safety,” Minneapolis Police Chief Timothy Dolan said. “It’s not good for the general public.”

The Minnesota County Attorney’s Association says this would severely alter the legal issues surrounding the use of deadly force.

Source: Northland News Center

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  • This is about deterrance. If the bad guys know there is a good chance that their targeted victim may be armed, and is ready to use it, then they will think twice about it. And if they (the criminals) know that enough of us are protecting ourselves, we can actually help to bring down the crime rate… by deterring it in the first place.

    The politicians just don’t want to give up their powers. And admit that sometimes we have to take matters into our own hands to protect ourselves, when they can’t.

  • Eric

    This is not about “public safety.” This is about social control and the “de facto” anti-self-defense agenda which has a long history in the adversarial legal system (e.g., laws preventing slaves from possessing “weapons” to stop victimization, such as rape and/or murder by slave-owners), but it really increased in the late 1960s when social theorists in academia and “social justice” (i.e., Marxist) oriented law professors espoused the philosophy to “answer violence with violence only makes more violence.” This “virtue-as-a-vice” mentality of “just be a victim and we will protect you” is deep in the legal system and is the core of Liberal-Progressive Ideology, which is generally anti-self-defense (except for the elite) for this essentially philosophical reason as well as the practical reason from justice system practitioners that criminals typically claim “self-defense.” For the cynical, overburdened criminal courts who’ve “heard-it-all” and have generally lost the “ability-to-care,” this Bill may be seen as something that causes them “more work,” never a good-thing for bureaucrats. Another “interest” against this Bill are prosecutors/district attorneys who see firearms as a CAUSE of crime. Prosecutors are obviously very intelligent people capable of keeping “big secrets” hidden, or they couldn’t prosecute cases; applying this fact to legislative perceptions, many prosecutors are simply anti-gun in their political outlook (as stated above), but they know “gun control” isn’t as fashionable as it used to be. As a result, they – as a group – have made “gun control” THEIR “hidden” issue in how they approach prosecuting self-defense cases. Their goal: ruin you if you defend yourself as a way of discouraging others from self-defense. This has been the general position of prosecutors in the “big cities” of America since the 1960s. Contrary to this social control mentality is the work of economist John Lott in his book, MORE GUNS, LESS CRIME, available from the University of Chicago Press. Of course, the district attorneys and police administrators are “locked-in” regarding their position and no counter-argument will ever convince them. Thus, we in the public must as a long-term goal seek to promote officials and their agents with real “American values” over the Progressive-Marxist mentality which generally controls the public safety agencies and courts in the major cities of this country. No easy task, but we overcame Slavery as an institution, so we can overcome this as well. “Recognition of a problem is half-way to resolving it.”

  • Oz

    Bottom line: we have a GOD given right to protect ourselves, our families, our properties and friends/innocent people period!!! We dont need any laws, persons or even a constitution “which they dont respect & refuse to honor or live by anyway” to do so! Absolutely no one should have the right to tell any human being how to or when they can protect themselves, that is absolutely rediculous & unrealistic! The majority of cops out there understand & realize that there will never ever be enough cops out there to protect every citizen at all times so there will always be situations when one will need to defend & protect himself/herself. GOD bless America!!!


  • Pete

    The headline should read: “Law enforcement administrators rally against gun bill”. Street cops are usually pro second amendment and for self defense. Street cops know more than any one that police are usually on scene after the fact. The chiefs, who are no more than political hacks with very little actual street experience, will usually appose any law that will give more power to citizens. In an unrelated matter the first thing I noticed was the rows of ribbons on the uniform of the St Paul administrator. My first reaction was that this wasn’t a street cop. I then looked at what was on his lapel (stars) for confirmation. I’m talking from twenty years of patrol experience. Its the same in a lot of the bigger departments. The administrators usually speak for themselves not for their street officers.