Minnesota pregnant woman thwarts burglars with the pump of a shotgun (video).

It’s the last thing two burglary suspects expected to hear…

It’s the last thing two burglary suspects expected to hear when they broke into a Coon Rapids home. From within the house came the unmistakable sound of a pump shotgun. At the other end of that gun was a 22-year-old woman who is nine weeks pregnant.

The young woman asked not to be identified because the two suspects are still at large. However, she says when the men ignored her barking pit bull and black lab, and broke through a kitchen door, she had no other choice but to chamber a round into the 12-gauge shotgun.

There’s perhaps no other sound that commands as much respect and fear. The young woman at the business end of that gun was home alone and prepared to protect herself.

Source: CBS Minnesota

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  • AJ

    She forgot to fire a round out the back door and the fleeing invaders. That would help the police track them down.

  • Bart

    I remember during my brief LE experience 30 years ago: mobs that scoffed at rifles and bayonets fell silent and sober – and compliant – when they heard a shotgun round being chambered.