Missouri Amber Alert System Transitioning to Online

Missouri's Amber Alert system will soon transition to online, making it more efficient for law enforcement.

Missouri‘s Amber Alert system will soon transition to online. According to OzarksFirst, the time consuming process of printing, filling out a three-page form and faxing it in when submitting an Amber Alert request will soon be a thing of the past.

The transition to an electronic submission process will help local law enforcement move quickly when time is of the essence.

“The form that we used in the past always required an agency to print the form off, fill it out by hand and fax it to Troop F for the Amber Alert to be entered,” says Captain Greg Kindle, Amber Alert Administrator for the Missouri State Highway Patrol. “The new form that we just developed is an electronic form that can actually be pulled up on the website. Filled out. It’s a fillable PDF and then submitted to Troop F electronically which should speed up the process.”

As OzarksFirst reports, the Missouri State Highway Patrol has been testing the PDF form with agencies statewide. All testing has thus far been successful.

“We just completed testing on it this morning and it should be up an running on our website by Wednesday, hopefully,” said Kindle “It should speed up the information flow from the originating agency to us to get it entered into the system.”

Read more: http://www.ozarksfirst.com/story/d/story/police-work-to-transition-amber-alert-system-to-on/75952/vxBN9QiEL02TeVwNTBqT8Q

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