Missouri police hunt for suspect who stole state trooper’s pistol.

Police are now searching a home in the northeast section…

Police are now searching a home in the northeast section of Kansas City for a man who police said took a Missouri Highway Patrol officer’s gun, fired a shot, and then lead police on a wild manhunt through several cities.

Kansas City Police, Missouri Highway Patrol and SWAT teams are now searching an address in the 700 block of Jackson where they think Justin Ray Heller, 31, of Kingsville, Mo. might be.

Authorities said around 4 a.m., police in Cameron, Mo. pursued Heller in a stolen pickup truck from Kearney, Mo. After a chase, Heller crashed the truck at Route PP near Holt, Mo.

When the trooper tried to arrest Heller he resisted, fighting the officer. Heller managed to get the trooper’s gun and fired one shot, missing the officer. Heller then fled the scene and stole a green Chrysler minivan. Troopers located the minivan and chased it to an area near Missouri 291 and Liberty Drive.

Source: Fox4kc.com.

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