Missouri prosecutor defines ‘Castle Doctrine’ after citizens hold burglars at gunpoint.

Greene County sheriff's deputies and Springfield police officers recently picked…

Greene County sheriff’s deputies and Springfield police officers recently picked up five suspected burglars at two homes within four days. Cops said the arrests were thanks in part to alert citizens.

In both instances, regular people tracked down the burglars and held them at gunpoint until officers arrived. Greene County Prosecuting Attorney Dan Patterson warns citizens, however, that although they might feel emboldened by a law that lets them defend themselves against intruders on their property, the law doesn’t give them blanket permission to shoot an intruder.

“I was fortunate that it turned out like it did. I guess I was prepared to do what I had to do,” said Chad Woolsey, a man who detained a burglar at his brother’s house near Willard on Friday morning.

Source: Emmily Wood for KY3.

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  • Jodie Pounders

    The Castle Doctrine is an awesome piece of legislation and should be adopted by all States and all citizens should be protected and empowered by this Law. I love living in Missouri and knowing that I have a legal right to protect my life and the lives of my family members and my property unto death of those who would violate my right to peace and safety.

  • TexasDoubleTap

    Look, this thing is a lot less complicated than politicians make it out to be. You break into someone else’s home…. you get your a** shot off. So what is the lesson here? If you have the audacity break into someone’s home and choose to steal property that is not yours, then you deserve to take your .45 ACP medication. If you want nothing to do with taking that medicine then stay the hell out of other people’s homes and the property that is rightfully theirs. We give criminals too much wiggle room when it comes to home invasions and the simple way of solving this problem is not with costly litigation, but rather with a good ‘ol hollow point. Instead we make it to where the law abiding citizens have to be “careful” about how they handle someone breaking into their home. Plain and simple, you break into someone’s home and violate their privacy and property then you deserve to get your a** shot off. This is just my personal opinion as I am not a resident of Missouri, I’m a Texan and we take care of business down here when it comes to this kind of thing. In the end, if someone has the nerve to break into your home it is safe to assume they have no problem putting a bullet in you too. Never forget… When seconds count…. the police are only minutes away. Handle your business!!